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Single Status certificate Cover image: application for single status

You can apply to prove single status for a given period within NSW.

Apply by​​ post, or in person: Single Status certificate application​

You may require a Single Status certificate if you intend to be married overseas or if you are returning to your country of residence to be married. It certifies that you have not been married in NSW during a specified period.

Period of Search



1 - 10 years
11 - 20 years
21 - 30 years

The Registry searches for any marriage that occurred after the age of 16, or the date of arrival in Australia. If you have been previously married, the search commences from the date the previous marriage ended. Fees are based on the years searched, starting at $53 for a 10 year search and certificate. Each extra 10 year search or part thereof incurs an additional cost of $42.

Before you apply for a Single Status certificate, check with the Consulate, Embassy or local representative of the country in which you wish to marry to check their legal requirements. You may be required to take your NSW Single Status Certificate to the Department of Foreign Affairs for an Apostille stamp.

Certificates are distributed by Registered Post and include postage and handling.

Who can apply

Single Status certificates are available to NSW residents or previous NSW residents or their authorised representatives. It only covers the period in which you were a resident of NSW.

Proof of identification (ID) 

All certificate applications must be accompanied by ID.

To apply for your own certificate you must provide:

  • three forms of your own ID (see below).

To apply for a certificate on behalf of another person you must provide:


To protect your privacy, the Registry requires proof of your identity.

Please provide at least three forms of ID, one of each from Categories 1, 2 and 3. If you are unable to provide ID from Categories 1 and 2, you must still provide at least three forms of ID. At least two of these must be from Category 3.

All documents except foreign passports must be current.


Identity Documents

If born in Australia:

  • An Australian Birth Certificate

Record of immigration status:

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • New Zealand Citizenship Certificate together with passport
  • New Zealand Birth Certificate
  • Australian Driver's Licence
  • Australian Passport
  • Firearms Licence
  • Foreign Passport
  • Proof of Age card
  • Medicare Card
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs Card
  • Security/Crowd Control Licence
  • Tertiary Education Institution ID Card
  • Recent utility account with current residential address

If you are unable to comply, please contact us for advice.