Indigenous bubs need to be counted

[Issued Sunday, 13 May 2018]

The Registry has found that up to 10 percent of indigenous babies are going unregistered in some parts of NSW.

Speaking at the South Sydney Rabbitohs' Indigenous Round, the NSW Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages, Amanda Ianna launched a new campaign to encourage Aboriginal mums to register their bubs, as well as a new range of commemorative birth certificates.

"The non-registration of births in some Indigenous communities is concerning," Ms Ianna said.

"It causes problems for children when they need a birth certificate to enrol in school or organised sport or, when they're older, getting a driver's licence or tax file number.

"A birth certificate is a passport to many things in life that we often take for granted."

Ms Ianna said some mums are under the misconception they have to pay to register their baby or they assume the hospital does it for you.

"The 'Our Kids Count' campaign encourages Aboriginal mums to register their bubs," Ms Ianna said.

Also being launched is a new range of commemorative birth certificates, including three new skin tone variations on the best-selling 'baby handprint' design.

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