​New commemorative birth certificates

[Issued Sunday, 13 May 2018]

Whether you are celebrating a new birth, or one from years ago we're excited to announce our new commemorative birth certificates. These include a Ken Done original (royalties going to UNICEF). The popular Sydney artist is famous the world over for his bright designs!

Also available we have three new skin tone variations on the best-selling 'baby handprint' design. We listened to customer feedback from parents who wanted more variety to reflect Australia today.

"For parents, the commemorative certificates allow them to honour their cultural heritage while celebrating one of the most significant events of their lives," said Registrar, Amanda Ianna. 

"They are designed for people of all backgrounds, including Indigenous communities, recently arrived migrants and multicultural families who now call NSW home."

In addition to these designs, we celebrate 100 years since May Gibbs' favourite characters Snugglepot and Cuddlepie were created. Plus we have two Bananas in Pyjamas designs, from the Australian television series.

For League supporters of every age, we're also proud to announce a State of Origin design for NSW and QLD.

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​​(Bananas in Pyjamas © ABC 2018. Original song by Carey Blyton)     (May Gibbs © The Northcott Society and Cerebral Palsy Alliance 2018)
 Ken Done  Bananas in Pyjamas 1  Bananas in Pyjamas 2  May Gibbs'
Snugglepot & Cuddlepie
 Handprint Pink 1  Handprint Pink 2  Handprint Pink 3  Handprint Pink 4

  Handprint Blue 1

 Handprint Blue 2

 Handprint Blue 3  Handprint Blue 4
  State of Origin NSW
  State of Origin QLD

Official Licensed product
of the State of Origin)