Special wedding date 11/11

[issued 24 September 2018]

Registry weddings



如果您已经做出要结婚的决定,并且想要一个既正式又难忘的婚礼,可以选择这个有意义的日子,在新南威尔士州婚姻登记处 (NSW Marriage Registry),举办一个有仪式感的,正式的并且文化包容性强的官方正式婚礼。


如需查詢,請致電13 77 88,或填寫查詢表格


English translation...

Heart-to-heart love; a formal and memorable wedding...

In numerology, the meaning of this special date - 11 November 2018 - is love of one heart and one mind. This day is also a "single bachelor's day" that is popular among young people in China. On this day, marriage ends the single life, which has an unusual commemorative significance.

If you have made a decision to marry and want a formal and memorable wedding, you can choose this meaningful day with a ceremony from the NSW Marriage Registry. This is an official and culturally inclusive official formal wedding.

On 11 November 2018, the NSW Marriage Registry offers a special package of $533, for weekend wedding fees. The application deadline for the wedding is 9 October 2018.

For enquiries, please call 13 77 88 or fill out the enquiry form.

Find out more about the process of marriage at the NSW Marriage Registry and related matters.