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[Issued: Tuesday, 6 November 2018]

Take our advice, and plan ahead

This is a crazy busy time of year… and we know a young family has a long checklist of things to organise. We are sending out a friendly reminder to families to plan ahead.

Not just because you are gearing up for the holiday season; you might also have preparations underway for school, travel, sport, and legal or financial matters. If your child is starting school, transferring schools, needs a Passport or Bank Account – can you locate your child's Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate will be your child's passport into the world. It's their first identity document and a launch pad into life. Getting a job and a tax file number, getting a license, getting a passport for that first overseas trip – it all starts with a birth certificate.

Why order a birth certificate now?

We suggest parents get organised EARLY to avoid the added stress! School enrolment processes are all different but require you to provide documents – including a birth certificate. Many parents will be doing this at the same time as you, to avoid the holiday season rush. It's best to start the process now.

Did you know? Last year there were nearly 100,000 births registered in NSW. During that period, over 400,000 birth certificates were issued! January is the peak busy month of the year, so start your application now.

Where do I start?

You've got a few options, but we suggest you apply online.

  1. Apply online for a standard birth certificate here
    Most people choose online as its safe, secure, convenient and most time-efficient! 
  2. You can apply by post (Australia Post deliveries are up to 6 working days) Application forms are listed here
  3. You can visit a Service NSW service centre (takes a similar time to applying by post) or Registry Office. Registry and Service NSW locations can be found here

Which birth certificate do I need?

Firstly, your child's birth must be registered before applying for the birth certificate. These are two separate processes.

You'll need to make sure you choose a standard birth certificate. The commemorative ones are beautiful but they cannot be used to prove your child's identity.

What are the steps?

  1. Complete the online form which will only take you ten minutes.
  2. You can pay the application fee and any necessary postage online.
  3. Remember you will need to scan and upload your proof of ID documents.

It's that easy!


More information about birth certificates


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