Order online for more 'you' time

[Issued Wednesday, 8 March 2017]

Most of us lead busy lives and would rather not get caught up in time consuming administration. We've made it simpler and easier for you to apply for certificates with our online applications system. 

You won't need a One Gov account with our new system. Our online service is fully integrated, safe, secure and faster than it has ever been. You will receive updates on the status of your order including an Australia Post tracking number when your certificate is dispatched.

Customers are taking advantage of ordering from our wesite with more than half of applications for Births, Deaths & Marriages now submitted online.

Order your life event certificates online using the following links:

Birth certificate online

Death certificate online

Marriage certificate online

Replace a change of name certificate online

The online forms are not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and below. Please ensure you are using the latest versions of Internet Explorer; Chrome or Firefox. After you have started or submitted you can use the below links to resume or check the status of your application:

Resume a saved online application

Check your online order status