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NRL Commemorative birth certificate package

 [Issued: Thursday, 14 January 2016]

The Registry is proud to offer a special new range of NRL themed Commemorative Birth Certificates. One of the most watched sports on Australian TV, NRL features 10 teams from NSW, 3 teams from Queensland, and 1 team each from Victoria, ACT and New Zealand.

On this page:

    How to apply

    Most people apply online for the simple ease and convenience. Our system is device-friendly, fully integrated, safe, secure and faster than ever. 

    Online birth certificate

    Privacy & Disclosure

    To protect your privacy, the Registry requires proof of your identity. By applying, you give consent to the release of the information provided by you, to those agencies who may be able to validate it. Find out more at Access to information: Your Right to Privacy policy.

    Please read and complete all information on the application, and attach the required copies of identification. Incomplete applications cause delays and may be returned or refused.


    The NRL Package costs $81. This includes 1 Standard Birth Certificate (for official purposes) and 1 Commemorative Certificate. On any order for the NRL Package, additional Commemorative Certificates are available at $25 each.

    • NRL Commemorative certificates are only available as part of the Package (not sold separately).

    Do I receive a discount?

    Our certificate prices are standardised and no discounts apply.

    Can adults apply for this?

    As long as the person is born in NSW, then they can be of any age and are eligible to apply for the NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate Package.

    Can I get one for a friend, as a present?

    Yes. You will need to complete and attach the "Letter of Authority giving permission to apply" plus 3 forms of identification for yourself and 3 forms of identity for your friend. Otherwise, you could give them the Application form and $81.

    Are they legal? Can I use it to update my Passport?

    Commemorative birth certificates do not contain security features and organisations may not accept them as a proof of identity document. Your Standard Birth certificate (included in each package) can be used for official purposes.

    Can I apply if I was not born in NSW?

    The NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate Package is only available for a birth that occurred in NSW. If you are born in another State or Territory of Australia, please check the relevant website for more information: Other Registries & links

    I am about to have a baby, can I buy this Package?

    Yes, if you download the form from the website and attach it to your Birth Registration Statement we will process this for you.

    You can combine Commemoratives in the one package, by adding other 6 Commemorative Designs (Be Blessed, Spirit Baby, Fauna, Feet, Handprint Pink, Handprint Blue). To do this, please add $25 for each additional Commemorative and fill out the NRL Application and Birth Registration Statement (or regular Birth Certificate Application). Attach both forms together when you lodge.

    Can I laminate the certificates in plastic?

    You may do as you please with your NRL Commemorative certificate. We hope you put it on display! However, the standard certificate has security features which are invalidated if you laminate it.

    How and when do I receive my certificates?

    Your Standard certificate is folded inside a regular envelope and sent Registered Post. Each NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate is individually wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a protective cylinder.

    The Standard certificate should arrive within a couple of weeks, by Registered Post. The Commemorative certificate is packaged and sent separately by Post and will take a little longer. For up to date information, check our turnaround times

    I need it in a hurry can I pay for a Priority service?

    A Priority service is not available for the NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate Package. 

    Can I collect my certificate in person from one of your outlets?

    The NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate can only be distributed by Australia Post. To ensure the highest quality, NRL certificates are printed at a Printing Agency.

    There is an error on my certificate

    Where the Registry has made an error, a replacement certificate will be made in exchange for the incorrect certificate at no charge. More information at: Correct an entry


    To apply, you must be born in NSW, and provide copies of the 3 forms of ID as shown on the form. If you require a Standard Birth certificate ONLY, please check information at: apply for certificates

    The Registry does not grant refunds for change of mind, or if the certificate is no longer required. Application forms and the Birth Registration Statement are correct at the time of printing. For current offers and promotions, please check our website. We invite customer feedback (compliments, suggestions or complaints) on the NRL Commemorative Birth Package (or any of our products and services) at: