Section 50 search

The executor, administrator or trustee of an estate may conduct a search in NSW. Ap​​ply by post or in person:

Under Section 50 of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1995 , the executor, administrator or trustee of the estate of a deceased person may apply for a certificate certifying whether or not the deceased person is recorded as being a parent of any children.

Period of Search​Standard Processing​Priority Processing
1 to 10 years
11 to 20 years
21 to 30 years
31 to 40 years
41 to 50 years
51 to 60 years
​61 to 70 years​$313​$339
​71 to 80 years​$356​$382
​81 to 90 years​$399​$425

The Search may be used to locate the beneficiaries of an estate so that assets can be distributed. If the deceased person was born overseas, only their time spent as a resident in NSW will be searched.

Searches can be conducted for deceased females from ages 12 to 60, and for males from age 12 until death.

Proof of identification

All legal practitioners who apply must provide:

  • A letter on company letterhead stating the reason required ("legal" is not sufficient; a specific reason is needed i.e. Probate, Estate Administration, etc), together with the name of the client for whom the solicitor is acting.
  • The letter must be accompanied by:
    - a completed application form, and
    - a copy of your Law Society ID Card or Practising Certificate.
  • The Legal Practitioner's name must be written in the Applicant's Details section. Payment must be made with a company or trust cheque, or company credit card.

If you are not a legal practitioner but are the administrator or trustee of the estate, you must provide at least three forms of your identification from the proof of identification list with your application.