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Add a parent to a birth

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    You can apply to add a parent’s details to a child’s birth registration that occurred in New South Wales. 

    Who can apply

    Adding a father's details

    The Registry allows the addition of the biological father's details to a child's birth certificate. The biological parents of a child may add a father's details to a birth registered in NSW.

    The Registry can also add a father to the birth registration for a child born as a result of fertilisation procedure if both parents were in a married or de facto relationship at the time of the procedure, and the father must have consented to the procedure.

    Adding a mother's details

    Both women in a married or same-sex de facto relationship can be recognised as parents on a child's birth certificate. Where a woman is in a married or same-sex de facto relationship, the other mother can be added to the birth registration. 

    ​Adding parent information to a registration
    ​Apply to add a parent to a birth certificate (includes issues of standard birth certificate)


    Each parent must provide at least three forms of ID from the list below with the application. At least one form of ID must be from Category 1 and must contain your full name, date of birth and place of birth. The other forms of ID (at least two) must be provided from Category 2 and 3, or 3 and 4. If you are unable to comply with these requirements contact us for further advice.


     Identification documents


    If born in Australia:

    • An Australian birth certificate

    Record of immigration status:

    • Citizenship certificate
    • New Zealand citizenship certificate together with passport
    • New Zealand birth certificate 
    • Australian driver's licence
    • Australian passport
    • Firearms licence
    • Foreign passport
    • Proof of age card
    • Medicare card
    • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs card
    • Security/Crowd control licence
    • Tertiary education institution ID card
    • Recent utility account with current residential address (issued within last 3 months)

    Please note:

    • Overseas documents must be translated into English by a NAATI accredited translator.
    • A Visa Endorsement in your passport is insufficient to confirm Permanent Resident Status.
    • Photocopies must be certified as true copies of the original by a qualified witness.

    Processing time

    Processing begins when we have received your complete and correct application. Certificates are delivered by registered post when you apply by post, online or with Service NSW.

    For detailed information about certificate turnaround time see Processing times

    How to apply

    Download Add a parent to a birth application - PDF