​Marriage celebrants

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    Register marriages online

    Authorised marriage celebrants can register NSW marriages online using eRegistry eMarriages. It's easy to use with online instructions and the option to print forms.

    Registered marriage celebrants can email the Registry and quote their celebrant number to request log in details at eregistry-support@customerservice.nsw.gov.au

    Register marriages by post

    To register marriages by mail please post marriage documents to:

    NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
    GPO Box 30
    SYDNEY NSW 2001

    For turnaround information see Processing times

    Checklist for marriage documents

    Notice of Intended Marriage:

    • page 3 complete 1 to 14 (and if applicable 15 to 20)
    • page 4 signatures and date of lodgement of notice
    • note both forms of identification for each party (including dates)
    • notation of transfer when necessary
    • celebrant's number and signature included
    • S 42(5A) brochure provided to couple  (Happily ever…before and after)

    Certificate of Marriage Form 15 (Ceremonial certificate):

    • number (Serial No.) noted on record keeping form

    Combined declaration of no impediment and official certificate of marriage:

    • declarations for conjugal status completed and signed
    • both copies of official certificate of marriage signed by celebrant, parties and witnesses
    • full name of witnesses in BLOCK letters (if handwritten)
    • rites of ceremony noted
    • clear writing/printing on all documents
    • no abbreviations
    • any alterations/corrections are initialled
    Registration documents:

    • post the following original documents to the Registry (or if using eRegistry, scan and attach to the online notification) Notice of Intended Marriage (pages 3 & 4); Combined declaration of no impediment and official certificate of marriage
    • if applicable: statutory declarations, court order and parents' consent, interpreter's certificate.

    Helpful contacts

    Purchase marriage stationery (Canprint)

    Email: sales@infoservices.com.au

    Phone: 1300 656 863

    Fax: (02) 6293 8333

    Apply for a marriage certificate

    Celebrants may apply for certificates on behalf of the couple soon after they perform the ceremony. Attach the application with the fee and mail to the Registry along with marriage paperwork to be lodged for registration, or order certificates online when using eRegistry.

    Who to contact if I have queries? (NSW celebrants only)

    Registrations, certificate application forms and other enquiries 

    NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages

    Email: online.celebrant@customerservice.nsw.gov.au

    Fax: (02) 9035 6048

    Lodging marriage registrations online

    Email: eregistry-support@customerservice.nsw.gov.au