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​Register your newborn online

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    Registering your newborn is easy with our online registration form. Before you start filling in the birth registration form make sure you follow the steps below and have all the right information ready.

    Note: Only the parent(s) of the child can register the birth online. If you are not the parent and need to register the birth, please call 13 77 88 for assistance. 

    Step 1: Agree on the baby's name

    Make sure you have agreed on the baby’s name. If you change the name after registering your baby an additional fee applies.

    Choosing a name is always a very special moment, and the vast majority of names can be registered. However, some names are prohibited e.g. words which may be offensive, official titles or rank, using numbers or symbols e.g. 1st, Snr or Jnr. For more information please refer to the Prohibited Names Policy – PDF.

    Step 2: Get your ID documents ready

    You must provide three forms of current identification for each parent. Scan or take a clear photo of each ID you'll be using and save on your computer as a JPEG, PDF or TIFF file. Maximum file size is 20MB.

    Filenames must be alphanumeric with no spaces, dashes, or underscores. Examples:

    • mypassport19.jpg
    • licence19.tiff
    • lisacard19.pdf

    You'll be asked to upload these during the registration process.


    You must provide at least three forms of current ID, one of each from categories 1, 2 and 3. If you’re unable to provide ID from categories 1 and 2, you must still provide at least three forms of ID. At least two of these must be from category 3. If you’re unable to comply with these requirements, please contact us for further advice.

    ​Identification documents
    ​If born in Australia:

    • An Australian birth certificate
    Record of immigration status:

    • Citizenship certificate
    • New Zealand citizenship certificate together with passport
    • New Zealand birth certificate
    • ​Australian driver's licence
    • Australian passport
    • Firearms licence
    • Foreign passport
    • Proof of age card
    • ​Medicare card
    • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs card
    • Security/Crowd control licence
    • Tertiary education institution ID card
    • ​Recent utility account with current residential address (issued within last three months)

    Step 3: Read our privacy statement

    You will be asked to certify that you have read and understood our "Privacy and Disclosure of Birth data" when registering your newborn.

    Download the Privacy and Disclosure of Birth data - PDF

    Step 4: Purchasing a birth certificate?

    Registering a birth is free. You will need to have a credit or debit card ready if you wish to purchase a birth certificate once you've submitted the birth registration. 

    Step 5: Check you have everything ready

    Use the checklist below to confirm you have all the information required before you get started.


    • Email address of the person registering the baby
    • Contact details of each parent
    • Baby's full name
    • Date, time and place of baby's birth
    • Baby's birth weight in grams
    • Both parent's full names and place of birth
    • For both parents, their mother's surname at the time of her own birth
    • Occupation of both parents
    • Both parents' address during most of the pregnancy
    • Clearly readable scan or photo of three ID documents for both parents (JPEG, PDF or TIFF, maximum file size: 20MB)
    • If the parents are legally married, date and place of marriage
    • If there are elder children from this relationship or a different relationship, details of those children (full names, date, and place of birth)
    • Name, address and contact details of the parent(s) (one of whom has to be the applicant). Only one informant is required if only one parent is listed. 

    Step 6: Register your newborn

    You're now ready to register your baby. Please note, if you're using an outdated browser, you may not be able to access the registration form. Try using Google Chrome or Safari instead.

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