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​Perinatal death and early pregnancy loss

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    The stillbirth or loss of a child shortly after birth is a difficult time for parents and family members. We acknowledge the emotional hardship you are faced with during this time.

    Registering a perinatal death

    A stillbirth which occurs in NSW is legally required to be registered as a birth and will contain a notation of the stillbirth. At the time of registration you also have the option to purchase a birth certificate. As a stillbirth is not registered as a death, the Registry cannot issue a death certificate.

    If your baby died shortly after birth, you still need to register the birth of your child. You also have the option to purchase a birth certificate at this time. The funeral director will submit all relevant paperwork relating to the death and may make an application for the death certificate on your behalf.

    What you'll need

    You must provide three forms of current identification for each parent. You can choose to scan or take a clear photo of the three forms of ID you'll be using for both parents. Make sure each ID document is saved on your computer as a JPEG, PDF or TIFF file and that each file is less than 20 MB in size. You will be asked to upload these documents during the online birth registration process.

    If you wish to purchase a birth certificate at the time of registration you will need to have a credit or debit card ready.


    Use the checklist below to confirm you have all the information required before you get started:

    • Email address of the person registering the birth
    • Contact details of each parent
    • Baby's full name
    • Date, time and place of baby's birth
    • Baby's birth weight in grams
    • Both parents' full names and place of birth
    • For both parents, their mother's surname at the time of her own birth
    • Occupation of both parents
    • Both parents' address during most of the pregnancy
    • Clearly readable scan or photo of three current ID documents for both parents (JPEG, PDF OR TIFF, maximum file size: 20MB)
    • If the parents are legally marries, date and place of marriage
    • If there are any elder children from this relationships or a different relationship, details of those children (full names, date and place of birth)
    • Name, address and contact details of the parent(s) (one of whose has to be the applicant). Only one informant is required if only one parent is listed.


    Identification documents
    • ​Australian birth certificate
    • Citizenship certificate
    • New Zealand citizenship certificate together with passport
    • New Zealand birth certificate
    • ​Australian driver's licence
    • Australian passport
    • Firearms licence
    • Foreign passport
    • Proof of age card
    • ​Medicare card
    • Centrelink card
    • Department of Veterans Affairs card
    • Security/Crowd control licence
    • Tertiary education institution ID card
    • ​Recent utility account with current residential address (issued within the last three months)

    How to register

    You can register a birth using our online registration form. 

    Start the Online birth registration application >>

    Early pregnancy loss

    You can recognise your early pregnancy loss with a commemorative A4 size certificate free of charge. You are eligible to apply if:

    • your loss took place in NSW.
    • your loss took place before 20 weeks or, if the number of weeks is unknown, your baby weighed less than 400  g.
    • your treating medical practitioner or midwife signs the health professional's declaration.

    To apply for a commemorative certificate, download and complete a Recognition of early pregnancy loss application - PDF

    You can lodge the application by email, post or in person. 

    There’s no time limit for applying for these certificates. It is your responsibility to obtain supporting documentation for deliveries under 20 weeks gestation.

    If a baby name is not supplied it will show 'Baby of'. Other information shown is date, place and parent/s names. The commemorative certificate is not a legal document.