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    Did you know how important it is to register the birth of your bub?

    By registering bub, he or she will be able to do the things they may want to do when they are older. Like take part in sporting events (often birth certificates are needed), drive a car (apply for a driver licence), or go overseas (get a passport!).

    What you need to know

    The Registry creates and keeps a permanent and confidential record of all births, deaths, marriages and changes of names in NSW. Whenever they are registered, certificates can be created and made available for people.

    Registering your bub is FREE!

    By law, every baby must be registered and it's best to do it as soon as possible. Once your baby is registered you don't need to buy anything else, unless you want a birth certificate!

    Hospitals DO NOT register babies!

    You can register your bub online for free.

    The hospital DOES provide all new mums with an information flyer called "Register your Baby before they're 8 weeks old". This explains all you need to know.

    Who can I ask for help?

    Our team are here to help, so you can phone 13 77 88 to yarn.

    Speak to your local Aboriginal Medical Service, Local Aboriginal Land Council, Cultural Centre, Aboriginal Health Practitioner or community centre. Staff in hospitals and medical practices or your local Aboriginal Liasion Officer can give you information.

    Who you are, Where you from

    image for who you are where you fromThe Registry's Indigenous Access Program regularly attend information days at various centres around NSW. The aim is to increase birth registration and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW to apply for certificates. Apart from proving your age, having a birth certificate makes it easier to access a range of services.

    These include obtaining a driver's licence or passport, attendance at school, registering for organised sport, opening a bank account, or receiving social security benefits.

    Confirmation of Aboriginality

    The Registry provides a range of products and services which are important for a citizen's rights and entitlements. However, the Registry does not provide a certificate to confirm a person's Aboriginality. Please contact your Local Aboriginal Land Council.

    Stolen generations

    Members of the Stolen Generations may find it difficult to provide the usual identification documents to apply for products and services of the Registry. The Registry has a Memorandum of Understanding with LinkUp to assist clients.

    People applying at the Registry who are affected by the Stolen Generations are given alternative methods to prove their identity and may be eligible for a fee waiver when lodging an application.

    Further information

    Please let us know if you would like your enquiry handled by an indigenous staff member when you contact us.

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