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Correct an entry

You may apply (by post, or in person) to correct an entry for a NSW registration. This does not include: changing a child's name; adding a parent's details; or amending "family history" records.

Provide supporting documents if a certificate contains an error to be corrected. Photocopies confirming the correct information may include;

  • passports
  • migration documents
  • birth or marriage certificates of the parents
  • other documentation confirming the spelling of names, and the correct date of events.

All documents except foreign passports must be current.

All certificates with incorrect information must be surrendered to the Registry.


Registry records are historic documents and can usually only be amended to reflect information that was correct at the time of the event. Names or addresses of parents, their ages, occupations or places of birth or marriage will not be updated to reflect more recent circumstances.


Cost for standard certificate

Registry error

  • Where the Registry has made an error, a replacement certificate will be made in exchange for the incorrect certificate at no charge.

Client error

  • Where incorrect or incomplete information was supplied at time of registration, and a replacement certificate is required, a minimum fee of $56 (including postage and handling) applies.

Your request will be assessed by a Registry officer who will contact you if further information is required.

Turnaround time

Correction of a certificate: Turnaround time

For more information or enquiries please contact us.