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    Certificates are distributed by registered post when you apply by post, online or at a Service NSW centre or Registry agent. 

    All prices below include the postage and handling fee ($11 including GST). Please allow up to six days for delivery. Fees for alternative delivery methods, additional search and priority processing are indicated below:

    • Fee for international registered post: add $9
    • Fee to send information to a Passports Office: add $44
    • Fee for each additional search of up to 10 years (Family history, Single status certificate): add $45

    Fees from 1 July 2019

    Standard certificates: birth, death, marriage, relationship, replace change of name.

    ​Commemorative certificate package: includes one standard and one commemorative (add $27 for extra commemorative certificate).


    ​Commemorative certificate on its own: order a commemorative birth or marriage certificate on its own (without a standard).


    ​​Change of name: Fee includes registration and certificate. 

    Single status certificate: see Single status certificate
    Section 50 Search: includes initial 10 year search and certificate.
    Family history certificates with registration number:
    births over 100 years; deaths over 30 years; marriages over 50 years.

    Family history certificates without registration number:
    includes 10 year search.

    ​Adding or removing parent information: add $60 for a certificate
    ​Birth record of an adopted person: see Adoptions
    Recording a change of sex: includes registration and certificate.
    Relationship registration: includes registration and certificate.
    Add $41 if you require a letter confirming you have lodged an application.

    ​Revocation of relationship: add $60 if a certificate is required.
    Registry wedding in business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Fee includes Lodge Notice; ceremony; standard marriage certificate.
    Registry wedding by special arrangement: Friday 6pm to 8pm, or weekend. Fee includes Lodge Notice; ceremony; standard marriage certificate.
    Registry wedding: Lodge Notice of Intended Marriage only

    Fee Waiver - to view criteria download the Fee Waiver Policy - PDF

    Credit card surcharge

    A surcharge applies to all credit card payments to recoup merchant interchange fees. These fees are incurred when we accept credit card payments from the public or customers.

    All NSW Government agencies are required to recoup the merchant interchange fees incurred on a cost-recovery basis. The following rates apply:

    Card type
    ​American Express