​Application forms

You can print an application form to complete and mail in to the Registry. We do not accept applications lodged by fax or email.

Fillable PDF are designed to be opened in Adobe Reader. Open the form, Save and Close. Start Adobe Reader, open the PDF and make your changes. Calculations are automatic. Save, and Print off the pages you've filled out to mail to us. If required, install Adobe Reader

​Application forms
Birth certificate application [Fillable PDF 940kb]
Apply to add a parent to a birth [Fillable PDF 740kb]
Recognition of early pregnancy loss [Fillable PDF 110kb]
Death certificate application [Fillable PDF 630kb]
Section 50 Search application [Fillable PDF 710kb]

Marriage certificate application [Fillable PDF 376kb]
Single Status certificate application [Fillable PDF 370kb]
Notice of intended marriage [Fillable PDF 100kb]
Apply for registry marriage [PDF 290kb]
RelationshipRegister a relationship application [PDF 500kb]
Apply to revoke a relationship [PDF 370kb]
Withdraw application revoke a relationship [PDF 340kb]
Apply for relationship certificate [Fillable PDF 510kb]
Change of name
Change of Name for an Adult [Fillable PDF 1.4Mb]
Change of Name for a Child [Fillable PDF 950kb]
Change of Name - Replacement [Fillable PDF 470kb]

Apply to correct an entry [Fillable PDF 280kb] 
Apply to record a change of sex [PDF 690kb] 
Apply for a recognised details certificate [PDF 840kb]
Other forms
Family history postal applications [PDF 260kb]
Letter of Authority, giving permission to apply [PDF 90kb]
Request for original registration form [PDF 190kb]
Statutory Declaration - Oaths Act 1900, NSW [PDF 20kb]
Credit card authorisation [PDF 540kb]