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    Birth certificate

    Death certificate

    Marriage certificate

    Replacement change of name details

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    Or download an application to lodge in person or mail in

    You can print an application form to complete and mail in to the Registry. We do not accept applications lodged by fax or email.

    ​Application forms
    Birth certificate application - PDF
    Apply to add a parent to a birth -  PDF
    Recognition of early pregnancy loss - PDF
    Death certificate application - PDF
    Section 50 Search application - PDF

    Marriage certificate application -PDF
    Single Status certificate application - PDF
    Notice of intended marriage - PDF
    Apply for registry wedding - PDF
    RelationshipRegister a relationship application - PDF
    Apply to revoke a relationship - PDF
    Withdraw application revoke a relationship - PDF
    Apply for relationship certificate - PDF
    Change of name
    Change of Name for an Adult - PDF
    Change of Name for a Child - PDF

    Change of Name - Replacement - PDF

    Apply to correct an entry - PDF
    Apply to record a change of sex - PDF
    Apply for a recognised details certificate - PDF
    Other forms
    Family history postal applications - PDF
    Letter of Authority, giving permission to apply - PDF
    Request for original registration form - PDF
    Statutory Declaration - Oaths Act 1900, NSW - PDF
    Credit card authorisation - PDF