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    Apply online – Fastest way to transact

    Use our online services to apply for certificates or Register a new birth quickly. Our most-used forms are available online, as shown below:

    Birth certificate

    Death certificate

    Marriage certificate

    Replacement change of name details

    Register your newborn online

    Apply by email or post

    To protect your health during the COVID-19 pandemic please:

    1. Complete your application online if possible (see above).
    2. If you cannot apply online please email the PDF along with the required ID to: bdm-counter_id@customerservice.nsw.gov.au
    3. Visit Service NSW to lodge in person only if it’s very urgent or you require assistance.
    ​Application forms
    Apply to add a parent to a birth -  PDF
    Recognition of early pregnancy loss - PDF
    Birth certificate application - PDF
    Section 50 Search application - PDF
    Death certificate application - PDF
    Single Status certificate application - PDF
    Notice of intended marriage - PDF
    Apply for registry wedding - PDF
    Marriage certificate application -PDF
    Relationship Register a relationship application - PDF
    Apply to revoke a relationship - PDF
    Withdraw application revoke a relationship - PDF
    Apply for relationship certificate - PDF
    Change of name
    Change of Name for an Adult - PDF
    Change of Name for a Child - PDF

    Change of Name - Replacement - PDF

    Apply to correct an entry - PDF
    Apply to record a change of sex - PDF
    Apply for a recognised details certificate - PDF
    Other forms
    Family history postal applications - PDF
    Letter of Authority, giving permission to apply - PDF
    Request for original registration form - PDF
    Statutory Declaration - Oaths Act 1900, NSW - PDF
    Credit card authorisation - PDF