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    Once a life event is registered, you can apply online for a certificate. Our new system is device-friendly, fully integrated, safe, secure and faster than ever. Please ensure you are using the latest versions of Internet Explorer; Chrome or Firefox.

    Apply by post

    You can print off an application form to fill out and mail in. We cannot accept forms or ID by fax or email.

    Fillable PDF are designed to be opened in Adobe Reader. Open the form, Save to your computer and Close. Start Adobe Reader, open the PDF and make your changes. Calculations are automaticSave, and Print off the pages you've filled out to mail to us. If required, install Adobe Reader software.


    ​Application forms


    Birth certificate application [Fillable PDF 500kb]

    Apply to add a parent to a birth certificate [Fillable PDF 550kb]

    Recognition of early pregnancy loss [Fillable PDF 110kb]


    Death certificate application [Fillable PDF 560kb]

    Section 50 Search application [Fillable PDF 400kb]


    Marriage certificate application [Fillable PDF 1.1Mb]

    Single Status certificate application [Fillable PDF 430kb]

    Notice of intended marriage [Fillable PDF 70kb]


    Apply to register a relationship [Fillable PDF 670kb]

    Apply to revoke a relationship [PDF 350kb]

    Withdraw application to revoke a relationship [PDF 340kb]

    Apply for relationship certificate [Fillable PDF 380kb]

    Change of Name

    Change of Name for an Adult [Fillable PDF 1.4Mb]

    Change of Name for a Child [Fillable PDF 950kb] 

    Change of Name - Replacement certificate [Fillable PDF 420kb]


    Apply to correct an entry [Fillable PDF 110kb]

    Apply to record a change of sex [PDF 600kb] 

    Application for a recognised details certificate [PDF 740kb]

    ​Other forms

    Family history postal applications [PDF 260kb]

    Letter of Authority, giving permission to apply [PDF 90kb]

    Statutory Declaration - Oaths Act 1900, NSW [PDF 20kb]

    Credit card authorisation [PDF 540kb]

    Apply in person

    Fees for Products and Services

    Fees for products and services flyer [PDF 150kb]

    When applying by post, online or in person at Service NSW or other agencies, certificates are distributed by Registered Post. The fee for Postage & Handling ($9 including GST) is already added into prices below.

    • Fee for International Registered Post: add $9.
    • Fee to fax information to a Passports office: add $42.
    • Fee for each additional search of up to 10 years: add $43.
    • Fee for Priority processing of certificate application: add $26.
    • Credit card surcharge: 1.4% for AMEX and 0.4% for Mastercard or Visa.

    Fees effective from 1 September 2017


    Standard certificates: Birth, Death, Marriage, Relationship, Replace Change of Name and Single Status.


    Commemorative Birth or Marriage Package: includes 1 Commemorative and 1 standard certificate (add $25 for extra Commemorative certificate).


    Change of Name: Fee includes registration and certificate. Add $51 if Priority processing for registration and certificate is required.


    Family History certificates with registration number: Births over 100 years; Deaths over 30 years; Marriages over 50 years.


    Family History certificates without registration number: includes 10 year search.


    Adding or Removing Parent information: add $56 for a certificate.


    Birth Record of an Adopted Person: for fees refer to Adoptions


    Recording a Change of Sex: includes registration and certificate.


    Relationship Registration: includes registration and certificate.
    Add $39 if you require a letter confirming you have lodged an application.


    Revocation of Relationship: add $56 if a certificate is required.


    Registry Wedding, Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:00pm. 
    Fee includes Lodge Notice; ceremony; standard marriage certificate.


    ​Registry Wedding, Special arrangement: Friday 6pm to 8pm, or weekend.
    Fee includes Lodge Notice; ceremony; standard marriage certificate.


    Registry Wedding: Lodge Notice of Intended Marriage only.


    Our turnaround times

    Processing begins when we have received your complete and correct application including required copies of identification.

    postal deliveryCertificates are distributed by registered post when you apply by post, online or in person at Service NSW or other agencies. Australia Post regular delivery time is up to 6 working days

    lodging at BDM

    Certificates can be collected in person when you lodge at a Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages Office. Commemorative certificates are delivered by mail.

    Times for registration and certificates
    To estimate the total turnaround time, add the Processing time to Postal delivery time

     Standard processing time

    processing time

    Postal delivery time
    postal delivery

    Birth certificate

    ​10 working days

     4 working days

    6 working days

    postal delivery Birth certificate for newborn

    15 working days


    6 working days

    postal delivery

    Marriage certificate

     10 working days

     4 working days

    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Marriage certificate for newly weds
    Celebrants have 14 days to lodge paperwork

    15 working days


    6 working days

    postal delivery Change of name registration and certificate

    ​20 working days

     10 working days

    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Death certificate - death over 2 months ago

    10 working days

     4 working days

    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Death certificate for a recent death
    Funeral directors have 7 days to notify the Registry

     9 working


    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Relationship certificate
    Includes 28 day cooling off period

    32 days


    6 working days

    postal delivery ​Revocation certificate
    Includes 90 day cooling off period

    92 daysN/A​ ​6 working days

    Single status certificate

    10 working days

     4 working days

    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Commemorative birth or marriage certificate
    Mailed separately to the standard certificate

     18 working days


    ​6 working days

    postal delivery Correction of a certificate

    ​15 working


    ​6 working days

    postal deliveryFamily history certificate
    Same processing time for email or postal delivery

    10 working
    N/A 6 working days​

    lodging at BDMStandard birth, death, marriage certificates
    Commemorative certificates are delivered by mail

    ​​1 working day​Same day if lodged by 3pm​N/A​
    lodging at BDMSection 50 Search5 working days​1 working day​​N/A

    We protect your privacy

    Please read and complete all information on the application, and attach the required copies of identification. Incomplete applications cause delays and may be returned or refused.

    To protect your privacy, the Registry requires proof of your identity. By applying, you give consent to the release of the information provided by you, to those agencies who may be able to validate it. Find out more at Access to information: Your Right to Privacy policy.