Access to information

From 1 July 2010, the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (the GIPA Act) requires the Department's Business Centres to publish 'open access information' on their websites unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosing this information. Open access information includes policies and documents created by the Business Centre that are tabled in Parliament.

Listed below are the Registry's Policies and Tabled Documents.


Access to Information Contained in the Register Policy [PDF 240kb]    

Your Right to Privacy Policy [PDF 80kb]

Certificate Replacement Policy [PDF 290kb]

Change of Name Policy [PDF 260kb]     

Complaints and Feedback Policy [PDF 230kb]

Refunds Policy [PDF 470kb]

Fee Waiver Policy [PDF 370kb]

Internal Review of Registry Decisions Policy [PDF 220kb]

ISO 9000 Exclusions Policy [PDF 640kb]

Quality Policy [PDF 530kb]

Documents tabled in Parliament

The Registry currently has no documents tabled in Parliament.

Other documents

Birth Certificate Content Review 2014 [PDF 550kb] 

Customer satisfaction

The Registry is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of its customers and provides various opportunities for customers to provide feedback and contribute to the development of its services.

2013 Survey [PDF 3150kb]

The Registry conducts an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is conducted by an independent research company and seeks feedback from customers about their experiences with the Registry. Customers that contact us during the designated survey period are asked to voluntarily take part.

We value your feedback all year round. Let us know what you are thinking at: Feedback & complaints.

Accessing the Department's information

For information on how to apply for departmental release of information under the GIPA Act, 2009 please refer to the: NSW Department of Justice website.    

Type of information

  • Birth, death, marriage, change of name, relationships, & recognised details records of NSW.

How to ask

Apply to the GIPAA Officer:

Are there any restrictions?

  • Confidentiality and privacy rules apply to most records.
  • Fees apply for most applications.

Your right to information

For more about your right to information and new ways to access NSW government information visit:

Office of the Information Commissioner website